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“I have no more allergy symptoms, I sleep better, have more energy, my physical strength has increased, and it’s easier to deal with everyday stress.”

- Kevin Jordan, World Drug-Free Power-Lifting Champion


“I wish I would have started chiropractic care years ago... it has made a tremendous impact on the way I feel."

- Armando Mora


"Not only have I regained my health, but I am now a living example of what the wellness system can accomplish. I first started seeing Dave with the knowledge of a regular American, not fully understanding anything about the human body, taking the pills and going to the M.D's only to find out that they did not have any idea what was going on with me and had no explanations. I had chronic headaches, chronic diarrhea, indigestion of everything, intense back pain, little to no energy, a lump in the throat feeling (spine pushing against my esophagus), trouble breathing, asthma, trouble sleeping, irregular heart beat, my hands would not stop shaking, lack of focus and inability to think completely, acne, skin rashes and irregular boils/bumps on my hands and feet, had no appetite, was always sick or had a cold/flu, and had just gotten out of the Emergency Room a couple months before, recovering from the removal of my appendix (I had acute appendicitis).

     The scary thing about all of this is I was only 18 when all of it started, this was unnatural and just wrong for anyone at that age. A good friend of mine told me to see Dave and all of my problems would be solved, I thought it was too good to be true, but after trying everything else I said "Well man.. I've got no other options I might as well do it." Little did I know, it would change my life. All of the above problems are taken care of, I have gone from 10% to about 85-90% health in less than 6 months, but 10% to 60% within the first month! I have so much energy I can finally start doing the things I love again, and to a fuller extent than I was ever able to do before. I got my life back and now know more about my body than anyone else, the way it should be."

- Brenden Morris, Computer Technician

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"From birth until age seventeen I basically lived in a state of perpetual illness. I was allergic to most foods (beef, wheat, milk, eggs, etc.), I would have horrible stomach aches with nausea every morning, I had headaches, I had asthma and could not breathe out of my nose, I had back pain, I was depressed, I could not concentrate, I was uncoordinated and clumsy, I had bad acne, I was chronically fatigued, I was prone to infections and I had at least 2 bad flu’s every year. I would go to my medical doctors (yes, I had more than one) and they would never tell me why I was sick. They would simply blame it on bad genetics or germs and then send me on my way with a new prescription for the latest drug. It seemed to me that the more drugs I took, the sicker I became. 

When I was fifteen, I stopped taking my prescription drugs and avoided the medical doctor at all costs. The M.D’s told me I was crazy and if I were to stop taking these drugs I would immediately have a major asthma attack and drop dead. I knew their reasoning for giving me these drugs was deeply flawed and I knew the pharmaceutical companies were making a lot of money off of me. When I stopped, it felt so liberating because I had proven the M.D’s wrong. In fact I felt a lot better, but I knew I still had a long way to go. It was at this point I realized that I was the only person responsible for my own health. It was when I made this shift in consciousness, and I believed that I was not doomed and could be healthy, I met Dr. Dave. 

For the first time in my life someone explained to me what actually causes people to be sick. Dave sat down with me and explained how sickness was actually just a lack of life and all life is expressed through the nervous system. He explained how my nervous system was severely damaged during a traumatic birth and that it can be repaired through chiropractic adjustments. I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel. For the next 6 months I went to Dr. Dave three times per week, started eating better, did a colon cleanse and got lots of sleep, along with several other things. After one month I was feeling noticeably better, by three months I was able to eat the foods I was once allergic to and my acne was gone. By six months I was completely asymptomatic and felt better than I ever had in my life.

I continue to go Dave at least twice per week and I continue to have more energy, better levels of concentration and memory, I never get colds or flu’s, I have better athletic performance and I recover from work outs faster; I feel calm and collected. I am generally happier and can share that happiness with others. I am truly aligned with the universe. Dr. Dave is a master of the human body and a truly gifted educator on health among many other things. I recommend Dr. Dave's chiropractic care for any one who wants to take responsibility for themselves - to be healthy and be the very best version of themselves that they can be, so they can achieve the goals they value in life."

- Kyle Kabala

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