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A note from David Lewandowski, DC - "Dr. Dave"

"If you’re happy with the way things are, then please, don’t come see me..."

Dear friend,

I tell folks all the time, "If you’re happy with the way things are, then don’t come see me. I’m not your guy." There are many people, though, who are looking for a better way, a way that makes more sense to them. Americans are far more educated and aware than they used to be, and that’s causing a profound change in the way we view things. Let me explain, and tell you my story.

About 30 years ago something happened that changed my life forever...

I was an electromechanical engineer but I developed a painful spinal condition known as “spinal arthritis.” In my case it came on slowly. The pain between my shoulder blades was terrible and constant I would awake feeling as if I hadn’t slept at all. I had horrendous allergies and pain and weakness down my arms. My blood sugar was so low that I had no energy, was hungry all the time, and would be angry for seemingly no reason. But that’s not all...

I was afraid that I’d lose my job and have to stop being physically active if the disabilities continued. The MDs wanted to give me medicine, then surgery – that was the only option, according to them. I decided against it. An article I read told of the phenomenal results a different sort of doctor was getting. I had been through everything else, so I decided to give him a try. The new doctor did an exam, took some x-rays, explained that my spine was out of place and was irritating the nerves to my hands and pancreas. That was the true cause of the problem. Then he “adjusted” my spine. The adjustment didn’t hurt... it actually felt good. I got relief, and I could use my hands again, and my energy levels skyrocketed. I felt refreshed in the mornings. And, by the way, this new doctor was a chiropractor.

Chiropractic worked so well that I decided to go to Chiropractic College myself. I cringe when I think of what would have happened if I just took the medicine. You see, I wasn’t content with what traditional medicine had to offer me.

Imagine driving your car, and the dashboard oil light comes on. Would you cover the light up with tape, or would you fix the problem? Of course you wouldn’t just cover it up, you know better! But isn’t that what we do with our bodies when we take most drugs?

Now for my beautiful thirteen year old daughter, Shayla. Imagine in this day and age a little girl never having a drug in her body. Not that she hasn’t had some congestion and fever from time to time, but the difference is that she gets adjusted and her body then heals itself. It’s strange how life is, because now people come to see me with their arthritis and blood sugar problems. They also come to me with their headaches, migraines, chronic pain, neck pain, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, conception problems, autism, tumors, whiplash from car accidents, back aches, ear infections, asthma, allergies, numbness in limbs, athletic injuries, just to name a few.

Forty-five million Americans no longer have health insurance, and those who do have found that their benefits are reduced. That’s where I come in. I have a significantly lower fee plan so that more people are able to afford the care they need. A whole week of care in my office costs what you could pay for one visit elsewhere. Here's another way to save: studies show that chiropractic may double your immune capacity, naturally and without drugs. The immune system fights colds, flu, and other sicknesses. So you may not be running off to the doctor as often. Studies show that people actually pay less for their long-term overall health care expenses if they are seeing a chiropractor, but, if you are happy with just traditional medicine for your health, then, please. I’m not your guy.

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